Painting Project in Morganton, Ga

Painting Project in Morganton, Ga

Just recently Lopez Painting was giving the opportunity to show our skills in painting and staining by completing this project in Morganton, Ga. Our team of professionals provided excellent service on this customers home. We first started out by pressure washing the home to remove any mildew or debris from the areas that were going to be stained and painted. We also pressure washed the roof to remove all the black mildew on it. After the home was pressure washed, we waited for a couple of days for the house to dry so the paint could be applied properly. Once the house was pressrue wqashed, we started out by applying three coats of stain to all the decks around the house. The decks were stained with a product called Structures Wood Care, sold by Sherwing Williams. This product is a two coat process which which requires as base coat and re-coat. The ceilings in the decks were tongue and groove and polyurethane was applied to them. Once the decks were stained, and poly was applied to the tongue and groove ceilings ,we started prepping the the house by caulking all the cracks that were opened with 950A caulk sold by Sherwin Williams. Once the house was caulked we applied Emerald paint, to all the hardi board siding. Once the siding was painted we finalized by painting the entire trim and doors with Emerald semi-gloss paint. The final step was to scrap and clean all the windows to make sure all the over spray from the stain was removed. After the job was 100% completed, our customer was completely happy with the work we had provided and couldn’t believe how great the results were after the house was completed. If you are interested in attaining work like this for your North Georgia home, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Lopez Painting today.

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